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Master Sky Painting Secrets in Procreate

63 ratings

Learn Procreate step-by-step in this detailed, easy-to-follow art course

Everything you need to get started in painting, from how to use brushes, layers, and different layer techniques all the way to mastering advanced editing techniques.

  • Practical tutorials for actually completing each phase while learning the underlying design principles of creating illustrations.
  • Understand how to implement color theory in palette creation and give all your artwork a strong, consistent atmosphere.
  • Information-packed lessons organized from beginner basics to mastering professional workflows.
  • Learn how to construct a layer structure that is optimized for speed and editing possibilities.
  • Tutorials on layer masks, clipping masks, alpha locks, and how to use them to make the painting process easier.
  • Paint light and shadow on any surface.
  • Master composition with a checklist method that has been developed and tested during 6 years of my concept art classes. I use this method for every one of my illustrations.
  • Exclusive brush set for painting everything from stylized to realistic skyscapes and all the tools used in the lessons.
  • Massive library of color palettes. Easily find moody dawns, golden hours, and burning sunsets from palettes made for every hour of the day.
  • Take the guesswork out of blend modes by understanding how they work and how to use them.
  • Color edit like a professional and learn to push the colors in your art for maximum visual impact.
  • Unlock your storytelling skills by learning how the eye moves in an image and using it to create memorable illustrations.
  • You will create a detailed skyscape illustration and gain technical skills that you can use in all of your art.

You won't need to rely on luck for paintings to work out.

Gain confidence through knowledge.

Start your creative journey today!

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Access to all lessons.
Over 2h 30min of detailed tutorials on getting started with digital painting
Sky Master -Brush Set for Procreate
Including the tools used in the lessons.
24 Hours of Palettes
Massive collection of palettes for every hour of the day. Specifically made for painting atmospheric environments.
Path to Light Original Procreate file for artwork
See the layer structure of the artwork in the tutorials. Also includes an additional smaller version for older versions of iPad.
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Master Sky Painting Secrets in Procreate

63 ratings
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