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Watercolours for Bears

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Procreate Brushes designed for painting. Handmade with custom watercolour grains and sources.

Brushes in this set:

-Vintage Watercolour
-Heavy Paper
-Flat Edge
-Wet Paper
-Precise Watercolour
-Wet Colour
-Fine Splatter 

+Multiply Variants of the brushes made for painting. 
+7 of my palettes to get you started on your watercolour adventure!

I hope you’ll create hundreds of paintings with these like I have and remember to enjoy the process =)

To install the files just drag the file into an open Procreate window.

Brushes require Procreate app to function.

*as of 2021 the iPhone version of Procreate no longer supports pressure sensitivity, these brushes work best on iPad and a pressure sensitive stylus such as the Apple Pencil

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Watercolours for Bears a Procreate brush set

My brushes utilize the tilt function of the Apple Pencil so be sure to test how brush angle affects these tools.
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Watercolours for Bears

73 ratings
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